A Step Ahead.....

Every step forward is a celebration in the life of a Martiner. True to the School Motto Light begets Light, the Martiners shine bright in the wealth of the goodness of God through every walk of their life.

The new disciplines included in the Curriculum opened up new avenues and experiences for our students, helping them further to realize their dreams and aspirations and making them confident individuals well equipped to meet the challenges of life.

Introduction of Physical Education as a Subject for our Students of Class XI and XII has been welcomed by all students of Science and Commerce Sections. Over a short period of time, this branch has increased in popularity and ensures that a balance is maintained for the young minds overstressed with the load of their chosen optional subjects. Trained by a talented and efficient Physical Education Teacher, the students look forward to de-stress and re-energize their minds and bodies during the Physical Education periods which make them better equipped to concentrate further.

The introduction of Computer Science as a Subject for the Senior Secondary Classes added new dimensions to the Science Stream as the students were drilled in the new subject that would pave the way for effective pursuance to a productive and rewarding career. Care is taken to ensure that the foundations of Computer Education are well laid during the course of a Childís tenure in school from Prep to Class XII. Thus the students are well equipped to gain an edge as they progress to college and the work arenas.

The introduction of an International Language aims to equip the student to the modern times. Knowledge of French Language is a must for any student who aspires to work in such diverse fields such as Fashion, IT, Art, Fine Cuisine or Diplomacy. Thus French was initiated in the School as third Language for the Middle Classes. Into the third year, this move has been welcome by the students and parents alike. Regular presentations by the students who learn the language, expose their talents and create a curiosity and interest in the younger children









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