A tradition of excellence in the offering ......

The growing tradition of excellence in music has brought in for the young members of the School Band and School Choir much recognition and applause in the past decade as they strive to maintain the high standards in music education.

Training of the students for the school band begins at a very young age. Trained by a professional Band Master daily, the skills are developed through the year and the children gain proficiency in a variety of instruments which include the Base Drum, Side Drum, Trumpet, Bugle, Clarinet, Bagpipe, Flute, The array of disciplined and elegant musicians have stolen the hearts of many an audience over the many years as they play synchronized and in precision at important events exuding grandness through their smart uniforms. True to the school motto, Light begets Light, the new generation have taken the light from their seniors as they propel forward.

The School Choir is shaped by the trained and Professional Western Music Teacher who probes and nurtures the God given talents in the children guiding and helping them polish their skills in their journey towards excellence. The soulful numbers passionately rendered by the student choir have gained them wide appreciation and praise. The laurels received at inter school events are an added motivation.
The young generation find their light in the indelible footsteps that our alumni have left behind in the sands of time. We share the memorable moments shared by the Martiners, all of which contribute in building up its legacy.

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